Young Social Entrepreneurs

A world class social enterprise ecosystem that builds and scales innovative businesses for social change.

Change Begins With You

The Young Social Entrepreneurs Network (YSEN), is a world class social innovation platform that brings together individuals and organizations from diverse sectors, disciplines and generations to work on developing innovative solutions to pressing societal, economic and ecological issues. We work with cross sector partners to unearth, nurture, develop, fund and upscale iconic businesses in the social enterprise arena. We facilitate the successful implementation of life-changing ideas with a strong focus on sustainability using unconventional approaches, tools and strategic alliances.

Since our launch, we have worked on bringing together resources and know-how from private sector, local and international communities, NGOs, academia and governments in a concrete project aimed at alleviating poverty and disadvantage in a sustainable manner. Today our community consist of social entrepreneurs and investors; community leader, activists, thoughts, and practice leaders who are all seeking to align where they care about with their actions to make the world a better place. Join us in developing sustainable development strategies for Africa’s rural and urban communities. 

Our Impact

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Social Entrepreneurs​

“For too long we’ve limited the way we talk about entrepreneurship to the profit-maximizing business sense. What’s so exciting about social entrepreneurship is that it allows us to exercise our entrepreneurial capacities for the betterment of humanity”

Leila Jonah

YSEN Programmes


The bootcamps is a hybrid 12-week programme that will help you improve and polish your social entrepreneurial skills, access resources, funding opportunities You will learn how to build sustainable business models in the social innovation sector.


YSEN hackathon brings together geeks, software developers, innovators and changemakers around Africa to work, ideate, develop and design solutions on the world’s pressing societal issues and come with solutions that bring social impact.

Venture Studios

The venture building studio is a 10-month programme that inspires, equips, empowers and funds high potential social entrepreneurs across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Objectives

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